Posted by: Mary | April 25, 2010

Yoga fieldtrip a hot time

Today several of my yogi sistas from the studio and I took a trip to the city for a two hour master class with Gregor Singleton. He teaches with Baron Baptiste and he came to Chicago from Massachusetts to teach over the weekend. We attended the last class of three, and it was really incredible.

To me, what was so incredible about the whole experience was being with a great group of people who I love doing yoga with and pushing through the tough stuff. The group included the ladies from Power of Your Om (Jen, Mary, Catherine and Robin) and some  teachers who used to teach at our studio (David and Karen), both of whom I haven’t seen in a while. I’d have to say it also included the room full of people I didn’t even know. Because, in a class like that you are close to everyone that the energy around you can really affect you. Needless to say, everyone must have been full of positive vibes.

After the class was over I realized that while I really enjoyed the class, what I love – along with the glowing feel post yoga – is the community I feel when I’m with other yogis.What a great group of people! I love them all!

Right now I’m still feeling so mellow from the class and it’s a feeling that is so incredible, not euphoric, but more like being light, free and peaceful. Well, after all the sweating we did, I guess I should be light.

Yoga field trips are great because you get to experience yoga in a new environment with a different group of people. It’s easy to get too comfortable when you stay in the same place, just like life. Anyway… The class was at Om On the Range in Chicago. The studio is kept a lot hotter than where we practice in Naperville. They teach Bikram yoga at Om On the Range, which necessitates it being hot. Bikram is done at 105 degrees. They also teach Baptiste Power Yoga, which is what we do at Power of Your Om. Our studio is normally between 85-90 (it feels hotter the more people there are in the class). I can guarantee we were working out in at least 100 degree heat, if not hotter. The challenge was mostly trying to flow through the vinyasa with that kind of heat.

I don’t think I’ve ever sweated so much before in my life and I sweat a lot normally in class as it is. Today it was like someone turned a faucet on me. The water was pouring off me and the towel on my mat was beyond soaked, it was squishy. We all had fish hands and feet by the time we were done.

The incredible thing is that while there were several times during class when I felt a little woozy, once we were done and out of the heat, I bounced back right away. Once I was cooled down, I felt like a weight was lifted from my body.

Gregor said during class, I think something to the effect of when you get through the class you always know what the result will be. It’s the getting through that can bring the challenge. The end result is the same: peace and calm. Getting to that state does not happen by standing still with a smile on your face (as they make people think in magazines or advertisements) Yoga is filled with challenge. I know I questioned several times if I could make it through the two hour class. I felt like walking out the door at least once, but I knew that wasn’t the answer. I took child’s pose when I needed to. By the end of the class, the result was a sense of freedom and peace like I’ve never experienced with anything other than yoga.

The drive home was great. I think I can say we all felt so relaxed, renewed and ready for anything.


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