Posted by: Mary | March 31, 2010

Blame it on the ego

In the winter of 1998 I took my first and last snowboarding lesson. During the lesson I fell in such a way that I messed up both of my knees at the same time. I’d never skied before (not that that would have mattered) and was clueless about what I was doing. Even with a lesson, I was a complete failure on a snowboard.

Since I have a pretty high tolerance for pain, after my snowboarding accident I ignored my swollen knees for weeks until it was clear they weren’t feeling better. Once I saw a doctor he determined what I did (it’s so long now i don’t exactly remember, but part of it was sprained MCL’s) and I went through rehab twice.

Fast forward to last week. Not long after I wrote my blog (Snap, Crackle, Pop) about pushing my body and my mind, I began to realize my left knee was feeling funky. I did something to strain my knee. I didn’t have to think long to realize what had probably caused my knee pain, I knew it was probably reclining hero’s pose.

I hate the pose  because I once was able to do it without a problem, back when I was in grade school and high school. Basically, in hero’s pose you sit down in between your bent back legs, to go deeper you recline and lay back. My ego was getting the better of me and though I know my knees are not in great condition, I felt I could lay backward and get into the reclining pose. The reality is that I hate sitting there unable to lay backward when everyone else in the studio can. I don’t want to be stuck sitting upright. It’s an ego thing and it’s stupid.

So, my ego prodded me to lay backward and now I’m paying the price. I couldn’t help it, I’m human. I thought maybe with my increased flexibility going into the pose wouldn’t be a problem. But, I was wrong. Now my knee is tweaked. Lesson learned. I will sit and stay put from now on and I need to learn to be OK with that.


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