Posted by: Mary | March 10, 2010

Father knows best: Go to yoga class

My dad used to be a runner. At 82, he is still in pretty good shape. But, he used to run every night regardless of the weather, blazing hot or frigid cold he would run along Lake Michigan enduring the elements and pushing himself. Since I’ve kicked up my yoga practice he has taken a real interest in my yoga, I think because he sees the positive changes in me.

My dad and I, we talk a lot and he always wants to know: “When is yoga class?” “How was yoga class?” Some days – as much as I love yoga – I just don’t feel like going. When I tell him I feel worn out or I’m not feeling it and may not go, he always tells me: “That’s when you need it most.”

Some days my body really does need a break from yoga. I’m too sore or worn out to go another day. (I am going roughly 5 to 6 times a week) Most of the time though, when I don’t feel like going, it’s my head talking to me. The demons trying to mess with my head and leave me feeling like shit.

Today was a day when I could have easily said screw it and stayed home. I knew I wouldn’t, but if a pity party were in order, today was one of those days. I’ll keep this part short: I spent my morning at the unemployment office making sure I still have benefits coming in while I continue my job search. It’s a life sucking, soul draining experience. I shouldn’t say that. Dr. Wayne Dyer would tell me that by saying that I increase it. But, honestly it is an overall draining experience.

But, I knew when I woke up today I needed yoga. I felt tired when I got up. I’ve even been drinking coffee lately and I had basically given the stuff up. That extra jolt has been much needed. During last night’s class my body felt like dead weight and I was not sure I’d have much energy left in me tonight to get through class, especially after the morning I had. Days like today give me even more reason to practice yoga. I felt good on my mat tonight; not great, but really good.  My energy was lifted and with it my spirit.

Life is not always easy, but it is what you make of it. I was never what I’d consider a positive person. Actually, I’m certain most people who knew me would call me a downer. I used to complain a lot. But, that has changed dramatically. Even with all the uncertainty in my life, I know that things will work out the way they are supposed to. Yoga has helped me see that. Through the chaos it has allowed me to find some stability and to center myself.

Father knows best, really. Those days when I’m worn out and dragging, feeling like  life is going to just pound me into the ground, those are the days I need my yoga most. And, the days when I expect the least out of my body are often the days I gain the most. We are capable of doing so much more than we even know. But, dad knew that already; he lived it.


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